Scope GUI Made Easier

4 days 19 hours ago
Last time, I assembled a Python object representing a Rigol oscilloscope. Manipulating the object communicates with the scope over the network. But my original goal was to build a little …read more
Al Williams

BBC Basic Is Back in a Big Way

5 days 10 hours ago
The BBC has a long history of teaching the world about computers. The broadcaster’s name was proudly displayed on the BBC Micro, and BBC Basic was the programming language developed …read more
Lewin Day

LED Ring Brings the Bling

5 days 18 hours ago
We’ve seen our share of light-up jewelry over the years, but for some reason — probably power — it’s almost always earrings or necklaces. So when we saw [ROBO HUB]’s …read more
Kristina Panos

A Flasher Mac, 25 Years Later

5 days 21 hours ago
Apple Macintosh computers of the 1990s came with a system ROM containing an Open Firmware implementation and the Mac Toolbox required to start the operating system. In many cases this …read more
Jenny List
37 minutes 6 seconds ago
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