3D Printable Kinematic Couplings, Ready To Use

5 hours 17 minutes ago

Time may bring change, but kinematic couplings don’t. This handy kinematic couplings resource by [nickw] was for a design contest a few years ago, but what’s great is that it includes ready-to-use models intended for 3D printing, complete with a bill of materials (and McMaster-Carr part numbers) for hardware. The …read more

Donald Papp

Glasgow Uses an FPGA as an Embedded Systems Multitool

8 hours 16 minutes ago

Everyone who builds embedded systems wants tools to help build and debug systems faster, so it isn’t uncommon to see boards outfitted with various tools like serial port sniffers. We’ve seen a few incarnations and the latest is Glasgow. The small board uses an FPGA and claims to do the …read more

Al Williams

Modular Vibrating ‘Bots Made From PCBs

11 hours 15 minutes ago

Printed circuit boards, they’re a medium designed primarily to mount electrical components with the wires themselves places as copper traces on the boards. To accommodate wide range of needs that have arisen over decades, board houses have evolved all manner of advanced techniques in routing and plating. To our benefit, …read more

Lewin Day

Raspberry Pi Gets PATA/IDE Drive via GPIO Header

14 hours 15 minutes ago

By and large, the Raspberry Pi is a computer that eschews legacy interfaces. Primarily relying on SD cards for storage and USB ports for further expansion, magnetic hard drives are a rare sight. However, [Manawyrm] decided that some 40-pin goodness was in order, and set to making a PATA IDE …read more

Lewin Day

Boom Hopes to Reignite Supersonic Travel with XB-1

20 hours 16 minutes ago

Since the last Concorde rolled to a stop in 2003, supersonic flight has been limited almost exclusively to military aircraft. Many have argued that it’s an example of our civilization seeming to slip backwards on the technological scale, akin to returning to the Age of Sail. There’s no debating that …read more

Tom Nardi

Recreating Retrocomputers Hack Chat

21 hours 16 minutes ago

Join us on Wednesday, August 12 at noon Pacific for the Recreating Retrocomputers Hack Chat with Mike Gardi!

Building the first commercial computers in the late 1950s and early 1960s was certainly a complex a task, but building the computer industry was even harder. Sure, engineers were already getting on …read more

Dan Maloney

Acoustic Camera Uses Many, Many Microphones

22 hours 17 minutes ago

If you’re a human or other animal with two ears, you’ll probably find great utility in your ability to identify the direction of sounds in the world around you.  Of course, this is really just a minimal starting point for such abilities. When [John Duffy] set out to build his …read more

Lewin Day

The Weather Station at the Top of the World

23 hours 16 minutes ago

The crown jewels of the Earth’s mountain ranges, the Himalayas, are unsurpassed in their beauty, their height, and their deadly attraction to adventurers, both professional and amateur. The gem of the Himalayas is, of course, Mount Everest, known as Sagarmatha to the Nepalis and Chomolungma to the Tibetans. At 8,848 …read more

Dan Maloney

Unique Instrument Plucks Out Notes on a Ruler

1 day 5 hours ago

How does one describe the notes that come from a ruler that is anchored on one end and then plucked? The best word we can come up with is “wubulation”. So would that make this ruler-plucking synthesizer a “wubulator”? Or perhaps a “wubatron”?

Whatever we decide to call it, [ …read more

Dan Maloney

45 Minute Podcast Served Up On A Floppy Disk

1 day 8 hours ago

Near the turn of the millenium, portable media players like the iPod led to the development of the podcast. The format generally consists of content similar to talk-based radio, and is typically served up in modern codecs like AAC, M4A and MP3. However, [Sean Haas] decided these were all too …read more

Lewin Day

Talking Head Teaches Laplace Transform

1 day 11 hours ago

Most people who deal with electronics have heard of the Fourier transform. That mathematical process makes it possible for computers to analyze sound, video, and it also offers critical math insights for tasks ranging from pattern matching to frequency synthesis. The Laplace transform is less familiar, even though it is …read more

Al Williams

Hackaday Links: August 9, 2020

1 day 14 hours ago

We regret to admit this, but we completely missed the fact that Windows 10 turned five years old back in March. Granted, things were a little weird back then — at least it seemed weird at the time; from the current perspective, things were downright normal then. Regardless, our belated …read more

Dan Maloney

How About a Nice Cuppa TEA Laser?

1 day 17 hours ago

If lasers are your hobby, you face a conundrum. There are so many off-the-shelf lasers that use so many different ways of amplifying and stimulating light that the whole thing can be downright — unstimulating. Keeping things fresh therefore requires rolling your own lasers, and these DIY nitrogen TEA and …read more

Dan Maloney

Recreating Early Apple Mice For the Modern Era

1 day 23 hours ago

At a time when practical graphical user interfaces were only just becoming a reality on desktop computers, Apple took a leap of faith and released one of the first commercially available mice back in 1983. It was criticized as being little more than a toy back then, but we all …read more

Tom Nardi

OAK Vision Modules Help You See The Forest And The Trees

2 days 2 hours ago

OpenCV is an open source library of computer vision algorithms, its power and flexibility made many machine vision projects possible. But even with code highly optimized for maximum performance, we always wish for more. Which is why our ears perk up whenever we hear about a hardware accelerated vision module, …read more

Roger Cheng
17 minutes 27 seconds ago
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