Old Polaroid Gets a Pi and a Printer

3 hours 2 minutes ago

There’s nothing like a little diversion project to clear the cobwebs — something to carry one through the summer doldrums and charge you up for the rest of the hacking year. At least that’s what we think was up with [Sam Zeloof]’s printing Polaroid retro-conversion project.

Normally occupied with the …read more

Dan Maloney

A Battery To Add A Tingling Sensation To Your Tweets

6 hours 2 minutes ago

Internet-connected sex toys are a great way to surprise your partner from work (even the home office) or for spicing up long-distance relationships. For some extra excitement, they also add that thrill of potentially having all your very sensitive private data exposed to the public — but hey, it’s not …read more

Sven Gregori

An FPGA Video Player Built Just For Fun

9 hours 2 minutes ago

Sometimes, projects are borne out of neccessity; a fix for a problem that needs to be solved. Other times, they’re done just for the love of creation and experimentation. [ultraembedded]’s FPGAmp media player falls under the latter, and served as a great learning experience along the way.

The aim of …read more

Lewin Day

Soldering Practice Kit Remains Useful After Completion

12 hours 2 minutes ago

Unsatisfied with the standard fare of soldering practice kits that offer little to no purpose once they’re built, [Jim Heaney] decided to take matters into his own hands and design an easy-to-assemble kit for his class that, once put together, becomes the handiest of tools in any maker’s workbench: a …read more

Erin Pinheiro

Cheap Current Probe Gets Good Review

15 hours 2 minutes ago

A current probe isn’t a very common fixture on most workbenches because they are pretty expensive. [VoltLog] looks at a fairly inexpensive current probe from Micsig. He seemed impressed with the workmanship and it looks similar to more expensive offerings. There are two models with different bandwidth numbers (800 kHz …read more

Al Williams

Tesla Turbine Boat Uses Lily Impeller

18 hours 2 minutes ago

Typically in the RC community, radio control boats rely on small nitro engines or electric motors to get around. Fitted with traditional propellers, they’re capable of great speed and performance. Of course, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, as [Integza] shows with his latest build.

As far …read more

Lewin Day

Orbital Tracking on the NES

21 hours 1 minute ago

It’s easy to dismiss the original Nintendo Entertainment System as just, well, an entertainment system. But in reality the 6502 based console wasn’t so far removed from early home computers like the Apple II and Commodore 64, and Nintendo even briefly flirted with creating software and accessories geared towards general …read more

Tom Nardi

Linear Clock Ratchets up the Action

1 day 3 hours ago

On the face of it, making a clock that displays the time by moving a pointer along a linear scale shouldn’t be too hard. After all, steppers and linear drives should do the job in a jiffy. Throw an Arduino in and Bob’s your uncle, right?

Wrong. At least that’s …read more

Dan Maloney

Fermenting Yogurt With The Help Of Hardware

1 day 6 hours ago

Fermentation is a natural process that has been exploited by humanity for millennia. Behind such favorites as cheese and beer, it takes just the right conditions to get the desired results. To aid in this process, and to explore the crafts of their ancestors, [Victoria] and [Petar] created an electronic …read more

Lewin Day

Internet Connected E-Paper Message Board

1 day 9 hours ago

Are you still writing notes on paper and sticking them to the fridge like it’s the ’80s? Well, if you are, and you read this site, you’d probably like to upgrade to something a bit more 21st century. And, thanks to robot maker [James Bruton], you can leave your old, …read more

Rich Hawkes

Building A Compact Reflow Oven With Halogen Lamps

1 day 15 hours ago

Very often, particularly on the Internet, we’re fooled into thinking bigger is always better. The fact remains that this isn’t always the case. When it comes to reflow ovens, for example if you’re working with short runs of small PCBs, or if you just don’t have a lot of space …read more

Lewin Day

Road Pollution Doesn’t Just Come from Exhaust

1 day 19 hours ago

Alumni from Innovation Design Engineering at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art want to raise awareness of a road pollution source we rarely consider: tire wear. If you think about it, it is obvious. Our tires wear out, and that has to go somewhere, but what surprises …read more

Brian McEvoy

Candy Slide Keeps Halloween Spooky and Socially Distant

1 day 22 hours ago

Pandemic got you down about the prospects for Halloween this year? While you may not be able to do the Monster Mash with all your friends and family, there are plenty of ways to hand out candy while upholding social distancing practices. [WickedMakers] built a spooky six-foot candy slide to …read more

Kristina Panos
1 hour 2 minutes ago
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