Waterjet-Cut Precision Pastry

5 hours 50 minutes ago

We need more high-end, geometric pastry in our lives. This insight is courtesy of a fairly old video, embedded below, demonstrating an extremely clever 2D CNC mechanism that cuts out shapes on a cake pan, opening up a universe of …read more

Elliot Williams

buttonpusher Automates Animal Crossing Tasks

23 hours 50 minutes ago

Press button, wait, press button again, repeat. There must be a better way! If that kind of interaction drives you nuts, you’ll probably appreciate [Tommy]’s buttonpusher, which has only one job: automate away some of the more boring parts of …read more

Donald Papp

Get Apple to Track Your Bluetooth Devices For You

1 day 8 hours ago

Apple’s “Find My” service allows users to track their missing devices by leveraging a worldwide network of location-aware iGadgets. With millions of iPhones and Macs out in the wild listening for the missing device’s Bluetooth advertisements and relaying their findings …read more

Tom Nardi

The Rise And Fall Of The Fan Car

1 day 11 hours ago

The advent of aerodynamic wings in motorsport was one of the most dramatic changes in the mid-20th century. Suddenly, it was possible to generate more grip at speed outside of altering suspension setups and fitting grippier tyres. However, it was …read more

Lewin Day

A New Open-Source Farming Robot Takes Shape

1 day 17 hours ago

The world of automated farming may be an unglamorous one to those not invested in its attractions, but like the robots themselves that quietly get on in the background with tending crops, those who follow that path spend many seasons …read more

Jenny List

RetroArch Open Hardware Aims for Plug-and-Play

1 day 23 hours ago

At its core, the RetroArch project exists to make it easier to play classic games on more modern hardware. The streamlined front-end with its tailored collection of emulators helps take the confusion out of getting your favorite game from decades …read more

Tom Nardi
1 hour 50 minutes ago
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