Proper Video, From An ESP32

1 day 5 hours ago
Back in the day a miniature television, probably on a wristwatch, was the stuff of science fiction. Now, it’s something which can be done with a commodity microcontroller, as [Atomic14] …read more
Jenny List

Explore Linux Space Time

1 day 11 hours ago
If you’ve ever wondered how much memory a process uses, you’ve probably used a form of task manager or system monitor. System monitors can be useful to identify resource hogs, …read more
Julian Scheffers

Do Bounties Hurt FOSS?

1 day 20 hours ago
As with many things in life, motivation is everything. This also applies to the development of software, which is a field that has become immensely important over the past decades. …read more
Maya Posch

Passive Components Get Better

1 day 23 hours ago
When you want to talk about cool new components, you are probably thinking about chips or, these days, even modules. Passive components like resistors, capacitors, and inductors are a solved …read more
Al Williams
50 minutes 31 seconds ago
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