Killing Mosquitoes With Cardi B

4 hours 49 minutes ago

Keeping a bird bath or a pond in your yard is a great way to add ambiance and style, but both of these things can be a haven for mosquitoes. Popular methods of getting rid of them are often with harsh pesticides, but [Shane] has brought us a more environmentally-friendly …read more

Bryan Cockfield

Sufficiently Advanced Technology and Justice

7 hours 50 minutes ago

Imagine that you’re serving on a jury, and you’re given an image taken from a surveillance camera. It looks pretty much like the suspect, but the image has been “enhanced” by an AI from the original. Do you convict? How does this weigh out on the scales of reasonable doubt? …read more

Elliot Williams

ARM and X86 Team Up in No Compromise Cyberdeck

10 hours 51 minutes ago

Over the last couple of years the cyberdeck community has absolutely exploded. Among those who design and build these truly personal computers there are no hard rules, save perhaps making sure the final result looks as unconventional as possible. But one thing that’s remained fairly consistent is the fact that …read more

Tom Nardi

Fans Add Reality to Virtual Driving

13 hours 51 minutes ago

A few decades ago you might have been satisfied with a crude wireframe flight simulator or driving a race car with the WASD keys. Today, gamers expect more realism, and [600,000 milliliters] is no different. At first, he upgraded his race car driving chair and put on VR goggles. But …read more

Al Williams

Sierpinski PCB Christmas Tree

16 hours 50 minutes ago

It’s holiday time again! And that means it’s time to break out the soldering iron and the RGB LEDs! If you’re going to make a custom PCB to put those LEDs on, you’ll notice that you get few copies of your PCB in your order, so, might as well design …read more

Rich Hawkes

The Protein Folding Break-Through

19 hours 50 minutes ago

Researchers at DeepMind have proudly announced a major break-through in predicting static folded protein structures with a new program known as AlphaFold 2. Protein folding has been an ongoing problem for researchers since 1972. Christian Anfinsen speculated in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech in that year that the three-dimensional structure …read more

Matthew Carlson

FM Radio from Scratch using an Arduino

22 hours 51 minutes ago

Building radio receivers from scratch is still a popular project since it can be done largely with off-the-shelf discrete components and a wire long enough for the bands that the radio will receive. That’s good enough for AM radio, anyway, but you’ll need to try this DIY FM receiver if …read more

Bryan Cockfield

Transforming Work Light Is More than Meets the Eye

1 day 1 hour ago

While it does use the same M12 batteries, this impeccably engineered work light isn’t an official Milwaukee product. It’s the latest creation from [Chris Chimienti], who’s spent enough time in the garage and under the hood to know a thing or two about what makes a good work light. The …read more

Tom Nardi

Circuit VR: Squaring with Schmitt Triggers

1 day 4 hours ago

In the fantasy world of schematic diagrams, wires have no resistance and square waves have infinitely sharp rise times. The real world, of course, is much crueler. There are many things you can use to help tame the wild analog world into the digital realm. Switches need debouncing, signals need …read more

Al Williams

Flipbook Automation Saves Your Thumb

1 day 6 hours ago

You’ve probably seen a flipbook. That’s a book with pictures on each page. Each picture is slightly different than the last one so if you flip rapidly through the book you get a little animation. We like the German word, Daumenkino, which translates as “thumb cinema” and that seems …read more

Al Williams

nerfnet Tunnels TCP/IP over NRF24L01 Radios

1 day 10 hours ago

There’s an excellent chance you’ve already worked with the nRF24L01. These little modules are an easy and cheap way to shuffle data across a 2.4 GHz radio link at a respectable rate, making them great for remote control projects. But after seeing that others had experimenting with using these radios …read more

Tom Nardi

Incredible Discrete MOSFET Rover has Maximum Blink

1 day 13 hours ago

What do you get when you stick 1738 MOSFETs together? If your answer was a ‘4-bit CPU’, you would be totally correct. Available as a product over at Marutsu as the ‘CPU1738’, it seems to target beginners to computer theory, with build instructions that explain how the CPU is built …read more

Maya Posch

Hardware Keymapper Routes Through Raspberry Pi

1 day 16 hours ago

There are a lot of keyboards to choose from, and a quick trip through some of the forums will quickly show you how fanatical some people can be about very specific styles or switches. [Crdotson] doesn’t seem to be too far down the rabbit hole in that regard, but he …read more

Bryan Cockfield

PinePhone Gets 3D Printed Mechanical Keyboard

1 day 22 hours ago

Do you remember when smartphones had real physical keyboards? Working the command line on some remote machine over SSH was a breeze, and you could even knock out a few lines of code if you were so inclined. But these days you’ve either got to lug around an external keyboard, …read more

Tom Nardi

NSF Releases Video of Arecibo’s Final Moments

2 days 1 hour ago

Today the National Science Foundation released a pair of videos that document the collapse of the Arecibo Observatory with incredible detail. A wide shot, apparently taken from the Visitors Center, shows the 900 ton instrument platform breaking free and swinging on the remaining support cables until it smashes into the …read more

Tom Nardi

Underwater Drone Faces Trial By Water

2 days 1 hour ago

Underwater Remote Operated Vehicles, or ROVs as they’re typically known, generally operate by tether. This is due to the poor propagation of radio waves underwater. [Simon] wanted to build such a drone, but elected to go for an alternative design with less strings attached, so to speak. Thus far, there …read more

Lewin Day
1 hour 51 minutes ago
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