Inside a DEC Hard Drive

2 days 17 hours ago
A lot of technology from the not-so-distant past doesn’t resemble modern versions very much. For a case in point, look at the DEC RS08 disk drive meant to pair with …read more
Al Williams

8-Bit Computer Addresses LEDs

3 days 4 hours ago
Homebrew 8-bit computers tend to have fairly limited displays, often one or more seven-segment displays and an array of LEDs to show the values of RAM or perhaps some other …read more
Bryan Cockfield

Exploring Op Amp Loading

3 days 17 hours ago
Op amps are generally pretty easy to apply, but there are some practical nonideal behaviors you have to keep in mind. [EEforEveryone] takes a test board with some 2X amplifiers …read more
Al Williams
1 hour 35 minutes ago
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