Printed Catamaran

2 hours 35 minutes ago
If you want to send some instruments out on the lake or the ocean, you’ll want something that floats. Sure, if you need to be underwater, or if you can …read more
Al Williams

Spam Caught, In A Tin Of Spam

10 hours 5 minutes ago
We’ve seen many inventive enclosures for single board computers over the years: some are decorative, others utilitarian, and yet more tailored to an application. This one from [Daniel Hepper] manages …read more
Jenny List

Alexa, Bring Me A Beer!

1 day 3 hours ago
Voice controlled home assistants are the wonder of our age, once you’ve made peace with the privacy concerns of sharing the intimacies of your life with a data centre owned …read more
Jenny List
1 hour 5 minutes ago
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